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SEGA je odlučila proširiti najpopularniji nogometni simulator na ostale platforme…

SEGA i Sports Interactive najavili su Football Manager 2022 za PC, Xbox series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS i Android.

Football Manager 2022 za PC, Xbox i mobilnu verziju izazi 09.11.2021. Obje edicije (Football Manager 2022 i Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition) će biti dostupne na game passu od prvog dana. Uskoro ćemo dobiti dodatne detalje za Football Manager 2022 Touch.

Detalji o nadolazećoj igri (detalji preuzeti sa Steam page-a):

Football isn’t just about being the best and winning.
It’s about overcoming the odds, realizing your dreams, and earning your success through craft and skill.
Fighting your way to the top and shocking the world or clawing your way back from the brink—these are the moments that taste sweetest.
You’re the architect of your club’s destiny—their fortunes rest with you.
Prevail in the moments that matter to turn your club’s dreams into reality and earn your place alongside the managerial greats.
New features, game upgrades and licensing updates will drop in late September.
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Key Features

Embark on a journey to the top of the game, meeting the objectives of your club’s hierarchy and the lofty expectations of the fans.
Scour the globe for undiscovered talent or build your squad from within, pushing your prospects in training to realize their potential.
Create a footballing identity for your players to buy into, with tactics and strategies designed to deliver success for your team on Matchday.

(Early Access debuts roughly two weeks prior to the November 9th street date—pre-purchase any time before launch on Steam to play first. The Early Access version of the game may go live at different times on different platforms.)

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